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"As each couple danced, you seemed to be watching a summary of a complex relationship swiftly, lightly impressed upon your consciousness."                       

                                           - Lewis Segal, (Los Angeles Times)

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Founded in 2003 by Artistic Director and Choreographer Seda Aybay, Kybele Dance Theater (KDT) seeks to cultivate an experience that infuses theatrical and contemporary dance with Turkish socio-cultural narratives and imagery. Drawing from a diverse tapestry of experience, Aybay uses her unique multicultural approach to craft gestural movement, syncopated rhythms, and lush curves into repertoire that abstracts and amplifies the forgotten moments of everyday life; the mundane becomes powerful, seductive, and profound. Through a sophisticated lense, KDT fosters an ever evolving vocabulary including evening length programs, mixed repertory work, educational performances, and festivals. 


KDT aspires to share contemporary dance with a larger community by reaching audiences of all backgrounds.The company has toured Aybay's work throughout the United States including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fresno, Concord, San Jose, Palm Desert, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Seoul/South Korea. By encouraging audiences to embrace the unknown and trust in the transcendent power of dance, KDT inspires all those who are willing to embark on a narrative journey infused with poetic abstraction and candid emotion.

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