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"I have been to the westside’s Theatre Raymond Kabbaz on several occasions over the past few years, and I have never saw it so packed as it was for last week’s performance by Kybele Dance Theatre!!!"                                          

                                          – Karen Salkin,

Lori Tilkin


Lori Tilkin develops and produces television and film content while running the Los Angeles operations for legendary Hong Kong action director John Woo.  


Prior to her work in television and film, Lori studied Chinese language and literature, earning a Master’s Degree at Washington University in St. Louis while studying dance under Robert Small, David Marchant, and Mary Jean Cowell. She has previously studied with Cloud Gate’s Chen Wei Chung in his Grotowski-based theater company as well as Peking Opera movement in Taipei. She later moved to Beijing to study minority dance at Minzu University. In the United States, she created a one-woman Chinese theater and dance show performed in Los Angeles, St. Louis, and  New Jersey, as well as in Guangzhou, China.

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